INSANE Atlanta Mayor Blames Trump for Rise in Gun Violence After She CRAPPED on Police

The Atlanta Mayor is reeling once again after her city continues to be in turmoil. As you remember, the insanely liberal mayor and district attorney filed murder charges against two police officers who shot and killed a suspect who attacked them.

Let’s review for a second, shall we. Rayshard Brooks was a dangerous criminal and a multiple time FELON. He was driving drunk, resisted arrest, fought the police officers, stole their taser, ran from them, fired the taser at them, and was ultimately shot and killed. Yup, you guessed it, the cops are the bad guys here, and both are facing murder charges in Atlanta.

Dozens of Atlanta police officers have resigned and retired, no one has their back, and they aren’t even remotely approaching anyone who is Black right now committing a crime. Can you blame them in the America that Barack Obama helped create with racial tensions and divide?

“I don’t know the answers because I don’t know the questions to ask… We talk about systemic racism and the trauma and anxiety… It’s this convergence, this perfect storm, it’s where we are in this country. Think about the leadership or lack thereof-coming from the highest office in the land,” Keisha Lance Bottoms the Atlanta Mayor stated.

Where do I begin to dissect this pile of garbage? For starters, you can’t have a Black President for 8 Years and claim systemic racism. You can’t have Black Congressional members, Senate members, and Billionaires in America and claim systemic racism. That’s just absolutely moronic rhetoric, and I’m slinging facts that will hurt your feelings. You might want to turn around now snowflakes, it’s about to get real.

You then brought up two good police officers on murder charges for doing their jobs, and took the side of a violent thug/felon. You wonder why violence is up? You’ve given criminals an open season you ginormous idiot stick. Hell, they know that police can’t even touch a black criminal now without getting the riot act from the media and the social justice warriors who are a cancer on our society.

The leadership in the White House you bring up. The only person in America besides President Trump, Attorney General William Barr wants law and order in America. It’s radical leftists like you who want utter chaos as innocent white people are being jumped and beaten by mobs in every major city in America on the daily.

Both the President and the Attorney General have backed the police, backed the innocent, and said they will step in if incompetent leaders like yourself don’t. You’re unfit to run Atlanta, hell you’re unfit to run a Waffle House, and that’s an insult to Waffle House.

I’ll end on this note. Cities and Towns that keep electing Democrats get everything they deserve. If you don’t like it there and you’re a conservative, stop giving them your tax dollars, and move somewhere that values America’s greatness and families.

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[…] Mentally Ill  Atlanta Mayor Blames Trump for Rise in Gun Violence After She CRAPPED on Police […]

2 years ago

Yep. I lived in Atlanta for 20 years before moving back to my small SC hometown, maybe 20 years ago now. There are lots of things I still miss about Atlanta – great friends, good job, great restaurants, etc. – but there were many social issues even then. Now I wouldn’t even want to visit there. And I don’t doubt that if this chaos is not ended very soon, it will be pushed out across the country even into small towns such as mine. We are seeing a battle in the timeless war between good and evil, between God and… Read more »

2 years ago

These liberal mayors and governors say these things because their base eats it up like manna from heaven. It perpetuates the theme and ensures votes keeping them in office. Behind closed doors these democrats couldn’t care less about the suffering in the streets.