Insane Amount of Illegal Immigrants Have Been Imported by Joe Biden into America Since His Presidency Began

President Joe Biden made the offer, and not surprising, although disturbing, over one million illegal migrants have taken his offer and gained entry into our country. His offer was to make it easier for them to enter the United States legally and illegally, and they have been doing that. This has all happened in just over a year and this administration is facilitating a crisis that will take decades to remedy.

According to a court brief filed with the Supreme court by the American First Legal Foundation, it says the White House has released more than 750,000 illegal aliens into the U.S. since Biden took office last year. Shortly after his inauguration, President Biden reversed most of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and brought back the Catch and Release approach favored by both Democratic and Republican administrations in the past.

Breitbart News has reported, Specifically, DHS has released more than 756,109 border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities from January 21, 2021, to February 28,2022, the brief states. This is larger than the resident population of Boston, about equal to the size of Denver, Colorado, and larger than the population of Detroit, Michigan.

Broken down by agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released nearly 545,000 border crossers and illegal aliens while the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released close to 212,000 border crossers and illegal aliens.

Breitbart also noted that at the current deportation rate, it would take the authorities 14 and one-Half years to remove each individual that the Biden administrations has released into the country. The author also points out that the 756,109 number “does not include the 500,000 illegal aliens who successfully crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021 without being apprehended, nor the nearly 123,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) that have been resettled across the United States since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2021.”

All of these numbers combined means the White House has likely allowed about 1.4 million illegals into the country since Biden took office. And all of this has occurred while Title 42 was in place. Title 42 is the measure allowing Border Patrol to turn away or deport people coming from countries dealing with COVID-19. And now the White House is ready to lift this measure, which will inevitably lead to more surges at the southern border and a drastic increase in illegal immigration in the future.

Breitbart News also reported that the Department of Homeland Security created a plan that would enhance the administration’s Catch and Release approach. Their report says “the intended goal of ending Title 42 is to create ‘broadscale release mechanisms’ that transform the southern border into a mere checkpoint for foreign nationals before they are released into American communities.”

Even the political damage to Democrats seeking to win or retain public office in the midterms, removing Title 42 has not slowed the Biden administration from going full speed on its agenda for open borders. There have been several high-profile Democrats criticizing the president, saying that Biden made the decision without even developing a plan to deal with the increase in activity at the border that will follow the lifting of Title 42.

It is pretty easy to see what Biden’s plan is. He and his cronies want as much immigration, both legal and illegal, as possible. That is why he caused the migrant crisis in the first place, and why he and Vice President Kamala Harris refuse to do anything about it. Both have casually remarked that they have asked the immigrants not to come to the southern border. But these people know they are far more likely to make it into the country than they were under Trump.

One of the most frightening things about this scenario is that Biden still has almost three more years to go. That means that much more time for Catch and Release, and open border policies that are so inviting, even a higher number of illegal aliens will come.

When Republicans retake the House and possibly the Senate, they are going to have their hands full, passing legislation forcing the administration to start taking the migrant crisis seriously. 

It boils down to the Republicans will have to win big in November and probably get some Democrats to cross over the aisle, if they want to have a change at curtailing Biden’s open borders agenda. If they don’t stand strong, Democrats and spineless and RINO Republicans will ensure that Congress does nothing to deal with the problem.

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