Indiana Mall Shooter Stopped and Killed by ‘Good Guy With Gun’ as Authorities Hail Him as HERO!

A psychopath with a rifle walked into an Indian mall and opened fire in a food court on Sunday evening, however a law abiding citizen put an end to the monsters ideas when he shot and killed him with his handgun in a few seconds, ending the rampage.

The Greenwood Police Department said a lone suspect entered the food court area of the Greenwood Park Mall, located on Highway 31 on the south side of Indianapolis, around 1800 local time.

The suspect was armed with a rifle and several magazines of ammunition and immediately began firing at innocent people. He was identified as an adult male, and police have yet to release a motive to this piece of garbage’s motive.

The suspect killed three people and injured two during the rampage but was stopped short of his gal by a 22-year-old man carrying a gun lawfully. Police have not shared the name of the hero, but local authorities are already calling the citizen who stopped the shooter a “real hero.”

“Someone we are calling the ‘Good Samaritan’ was able to shoot the assailant and stop further bloodshed,” Mayor Mark W. Myers wrote in a Facebook post. 

“This person saved lives tonight. On behalf of the City of Greenwood, I am grateful for his quick action and heroism,” Myers continued. 

Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison reported during a media briefing from the mall’s parking lot that “the real hero of the day — is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in the food court and was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as he began.” 

Of course the left wing mainstream media refuses to speak the truth as always, take a look at these bullshit headlines.

Every American should be carrying a gun, and learning how to use it! This is the only way you stop these monsters. Thanks to our friends at Zero Hedge for contributing to this article.

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