Incompetence or Corporate Greed: Who’s Really Pulling Biden’s Strings?

The Biden administration has some ‘splainin to do. With everyone wondering how a government could possibly screw up in Afghanistan so bad, and who’s “really” running things, it seemed time for a refresher. GAB owner and creator Andrew Torba reminded everyone recently, that a single corporate entity known as WestExec holds over a dozen key positions key in Joe Biden’s cabinet, from Press Secretary, to Secretary of State, to even the National Cyber Director….who with all the convenient cyber ransom attacks the last few months, is doing a suspiciously bad job.

In all, 14 members of his cabinet all belong to the same corporate consulting firm…a firm who’s founding members all happen to be from Obama’s administration. I think we all know who’s really pulling this puppet pedo’s strings.

And good luck finding out anything about this “consulting” firm that popped up in 2017. It’s staffers aren’t lobbyists, so they are not required to disclose who they work for or with. 21 of 38 WestExec employees listed on their website donated directly to the Biden campaign, in amounts as high as $100,000. So basically, they avoid all the legal restrictions put on registered lobbyists and foreign agents by declaring themselves “strategic consultants” instead. Funny how the only “strategy” they seem to know is how to screw the American people while making China and themselves billions.

Want to guess you just invested in WestExec last March? Teneo….you know, the money laundering consulting firm the Clintons run, and the one Huma Abedin worked for illegally while she was still an official State Department employee? It was accused of selling off government favors in the form of “constituting fees” so naturally…they deserve to be part of Biden’s shell administration.

It’s not just Obama’s WestExec and the Clinton’s Teneo either, Biden also put Brian Deese a banker for Black Rock (the largest asset management group in the world) as Director of the National Economic Council. Gee, no conflict of interest there.

He also hired Neera Tanden as the head of the Office of Management and Budget. She happens to run a think tank on how to “sway” public opinion and one of her clients just happens to be Facebook. I guess we all know now why they hired a bunch of fake fact checkers to bury everything negative about Biden and his crackhead son before the election.

Our government shouldn’t be for sale, no wonder Trump couldn’t “drain the swamp” ….they’d be almost no one working for the government if he had. It’s all dirty, they all cover for each other. Biden is installing radical leftist judges in record numbers and GOP sell-outs like Lindsay Graham are letting him. To say he’s been compromised by China and the Satan-only-knows-what Hunter got caught doing that they’re blackmailing him with, it makes sense now why he’d gladly rush out of Afghanistan so the Chinese can have their rare earth minerals. Or why he’s allowing a Chinese Military Intelligence company to make our computer chips….I’m sorry, but weren’t these the same damn people that just purposely manufactured a virus to kill us? The only solution for any of this is to redo the entire 2020 on paper, with proper poll watchers and cameras on everything this time. Let’s see who’s really supposed to be holding these seats, and start voting these cronies out.

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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1 year ago

Obama is pulling Biden’s strings.

1 year ago

That Corporate IS a LEGAL INDIVIDUAL. That LEGAL INDIVIDUAL must brought up on charges. Military Tribunal. Have a good time marking them as the enemy


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