In New Video, Makhia Bryant Can Be Heard Screaming “I’m Gonna Stab The F*** Out of You, B*tch” While Lunging at Two Others With Knife Before Being Shot by Officer

In a new video, The 16-Year-Old, Makhia Bryant, who was shot by a Columbus, Ohio police officer, can be heard screaming “I’m gonna stab the fuck out of you, bitch,” while lunging at two unarmed people who were posing no imminent physical threat to her.

The officer was more than justified in the shooting, and LeBron James attack on him, as well as the mainstream medias and liberal Democrats is now even more horrific than it already was.

The media continues to not mention the fact that the officer saved at least one life, possibly more by his heroic actions. It’s almost criminal what they’ve done to him while trying to push the issues of race and divide in America.

It’s shameful that part of the country always screaming racism, seems to be the only side in America that truly sees and acts based on color.

WATCH: Graphic Video and Language

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[…] Officer after asking her multiple times to put the knife down, opened fire as she screamed “I’m gonna stab the F*** out of you B*tch,” while being inches away of thrusting a knife through another young […]

1 year ago

So were they supposed to let her stab the girl? And mommy dearest now wants to sue the state? Why were her kids in foster care anyway?