Illegal Immigrant Charged in Connection with Fatality in Drunk driving Accident That Killed Father of Two

Another American citizen is dead due to yet another Illegal Immigrants horrible decisions.

Rolbin Pacheco, 35, an illegal immigrant was driving his pickup home from his girlfriend’s house, according to the police, and was on the phone when he crashed. Pacheco then left and fled the scene with no injuries while leaving the victim left for dead. Pacheco is in the United States illegal from Honduras.

Pacheco has been charged in connection with drunk driving and felony death by vehicle after driving down the wrong side of the highway last month and crashing into a 36-year-old Cheston Edwards, the father of two young children, who was killed in the collision.

The fatal crash took place on March 29 in Princeton, N.C., late at night.

Rolbin Pacheco, 35, was driving his pickup home from his girlfriend’s house, according to police, and was on the phone with her when he crashed. Pacheco left the scene with no injuries, while the crash victim was left dead.

Pacheco is now being held on a $1 million bond. Breitbart News reports that it confirmed with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that Pacheco is an illegal immigrant from Honduras.

“He needs to know that he has hurt me, deeply,” Edwards said. “He’s taken something from me that he shouldn’t have taken.”

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