Illegal Alien Who Murdered Mollie Tibbets Wants Hispanic Jury

This is absolutely insane the illegal alien who murdered Mollie Tibbets wants a Hispanic jury?

First reported by my friend David Harris Jr. Back in August of 2018, we shared several articles on this page about the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, alleged to have been committed by illegal alien Cristhian Bahena-Rivera.

The mainstream media gave very little attention to the situation at the time, as seems to be the case for any instance in which Americans are killed by people here illegally.

Bahena-Revera was held on a 5 million dollar bond, so he remained in jail but now that his trial is due to begin in a few short months, he wants to have the jury selected from a more Hispanic-friendly county instead of the one where he is currently held.

The illegal alien charged with murdering 20-year-old college student Mollie Tibbetts is now requesting that jury selection for the September trial be moved to a county in Iowa with a Hispanic majority population.

In August 2018, Bahena-Rivera, an illegal alien from Mexico, was charged with Tibbetts’murder after police said he admitted to confronting and chasing down the young woman after her body was found in a cornfield in Poweshiek County, Iowa. The illegal alien lived in a region of Iowa that was surrounded by sanctuary cities, as Breitbart News noted, and worked on a dairy farm using a stolen ID and Social Security card after allegedly crossing the U.S.-Mexico border as a child.

In a motion filed by Bahena-Rivera’s attorneys and obtained by the Des Moines Register, the illegal alien requests that the jury selection be moved out of Poweshiek County — where the alleged murder took place — to a county in Iowa with a larger Hispanic population.

“Without venue where a minority population is substantially represented, [Bahena-Rivera] cannot be fairly tried and any jury pool chosen will have to be stricken,” the motion states, asking that the illegal alien’s Mexican nationality be taken into consideration when picking a new county for jury selection.

Bahena-Rivera’s attorneys claim “a fair and impartial trial cannot be preserved with a jury selected from [Poweshiek] county,” due to alleged negative perceptions of the Hispanic community in the area, the attorneys write citing online comments from news stories with no verification of whether the commenters live in the county.

The defense is also wanting to move jury selection to a minority-majority region because they claim Hispanic witnesses are concerned for their safety about testifying on Bahena-Rivera’s behalf.

It’s also good to note that this idiot stick also thinks that tax payers should pay his defense, and the defense attorneys representing him claimed he had a constitutional right to have tax payer money to fund his defense. They’re out of their damn minds. He has ZERO rights, he’s not even an American citizen for the love of God.

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