Ilhan Omar Attacks Ted Cruz Over Synagogue Shooting

Just when you thought humanity could not get anymore stupid, hold my beer, here it comes.

The most Anti-Semitic person on the planet is now chastising someone who defends Israel about a Synagogue shooting? That’s right Ilhan Omar is back in the news.

This time Omar attacked Senator Ted Cruz over the Synagogue Shooting. Omar stated “A white nationalist literally terrorized a synagogue during Passover yesterday and you have yet to say anything. Shame on You.”

Shame on him? You’ve never responded for one of your Anti-Semitic remarks towards Jews in America or around the world. You hate Jews, and you hate America. You’ve made that VERY clear Ilhan.

Since we’re in the fact making business here at The DC Patriot, let’s talk about Israel, shall we congresswoman?

Ted Cruz was actually in Jerusalem when we moved the United States moved the embassy and declared Jerusalem the rightful capital of Israel. Not ONE Democrat made the trip to Israel, not ONE.

Don’t you dare speak about Israel or the Israeli people like you or your party care. It’s very apparent you do not.

How’d this article work for you Omar, go how you thought it would? The American people are woke, and we’re tired of the lies, antisemitic ways, and treasonous behavior of the Democrats.

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Carla VanWalsum
Carla VanWalsum
3 years ago

Beyond ridiculous-this woman. Attack is the best defense-since when does she care about Jews?