IG Horowitz: Senior DOJ Offical Sexually Harassed, Assaulted Subordinates, Lied To Investigators

According to a report released Tuesday by Department of Justice inspector general Michael E. Horowitz, an un-named senior DOJ official sexually assaulted a female subordinate, sexually harassed three others, made false statements or lied about it, but was not prosecuted.

Horowitz’s office found that the anonymous senior official in the DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs “abused his authority by coercing female employees in his chain of command to have sex with him.”

The investigation concluded that the unnamed official sexually harassed one subordinate by making multiple advances and ultimately sexually assaulting her, forcing another into a sexual relationship in exchange for a promotion, and sexually harassing two other subordinates by “engaging in sexually inappropriate conduct” with them.

Additionally, the unnamed official lied or “lacked candor,” to OIG investigators probing the harassment allegations.

Although Inspector General Horowitz concluded that the official’s actions violated federal law, criminal prosecution was declined and the official retired from his position with a full pension, the report added.

Read the report:

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Jerrie Williams
Jerrie Williams
4 years ago

This infuriates me! Once again, someone is allowed to retire, with pension and walks out the door with no criminal charges for sexual harassment???? WTF There better be a dam good reason cause this just reaks of more Deep State bullshit in a administration that is trying to go after this kind of behavior! That is not supposed to happen! Please soneone, explain reasoning behind this!