Ice Cube Says ‘OH HELL NO’ to Sony Comedy Movie After They Wanted Him to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

A Sony comedy film co starring Jack Black was set to shoot this winter in Hawaii with Ice Cube. That has now all changed as the actor/musician Ice Cube has said no thanks. The movie is seriously called “Oh Hell No”, by the way.

Sony wanted Ice Cube to be fully vaccinated for filming, and the actor had some strong words, in fact his words were “Oh Hell No!”

Ice Cube would have co starred in the movie with Jack Black, but he declined the request from producers to get vaccinated The Hollywood Reporter says.

Sony had no comment on the matter. A personal representative for Ice Cube declined to comment. His agency also declined to comment.

‘Oh Hell No’ is being produced by Matt Tolmach and Black, who both also did not comment.

The following is from The Hollywood Reporter:

Ice Cube and Black partnered on the project in June. The Sony film was looking to shoot this winter in Hawaii with Kitao Sakurai, the filmmaker behind Netflix’s breakout comedy Bad Trip, in the director’s seat. Producers on Oh Hell No made the request that cast on the project would need to be vaccinated.

The film is pushing back its production start. Black injured himself in June while filming a gag for the last episode of Conan but is still attached to the project. Sources tell THR the studio is looking to find a replacement for Ice Cube, who walked from a $9 million payday.

From Ice Cube to Travis Tritt, the stars are starting to stand up for the people in America!

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