Hurricane Ida is responsible for at least one death and extensive damage across southeastern Louisiana, and leaving over one million homes and businesses without power.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards confirmed at least one death late Sunday evening and said, “Thousands of our people are without power and there is untold damage to property across the impacted parishes.”

The State Health Department reported a 60-year-old man died in Ascension Parish after a tree fell on his house. Energy New Orleans, the main power utility in New Orleans said the entire city lost electricity early Sunday evening because of catastrophic damage to its transmission system. Energy officials said it could be weeks before power is fully restored to the city, due to the widespread power outages in New Orleans. 

All of New Orleans was without power threatening the city’s sewage system. The city water board said the power loss could affect a significant number of its sewer pumping stations.  The board said it had obtained backup generators for some but in order to prevent sewage backups, they have asked residents to limit water usage at home, decreasing wastewater to be removed.  The board did say the city’s water was safe to drink.

The loss of power is also stopping cell phone service and sending rescuers scrambling Monday to untold numbers of flooded homes where people are anxiously asking for help.

Officials say Ida is one of the most powerful storms to hit the U.S. while local residents are saying it is one of the worst weather events to hit the region in years. The force of the storm reversed the flow of the Mississippi River and resulted in the National Weather Service issuing flash flood warnings just outside New Orleans. 

Governor Edwards announced on Monday that President Joe Biden had declared Ida a disaster, releasing federal fundsto assist with rescue and recovery efforts.

Ironically Hurrican Ida made landfall on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which resulted in more than 1,800 deaths.

This is an update of the terrible destruction and devastation from hurricane Ida. Please keep all in the area in your prayers for safety and restoration.

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