HUMAN SHIELDS: Islamic Terrorists Use Ambulance for Cover to Shoot Israelis [GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING]

A horrific scene in Israel as Palestinian terrorists in Jenin used an ambulance as a Shield while firing at Israeli soldiers.

The Palestinian Authority is promoting and paying it’s citizens to murder Israelis. Every American should call their Congressional members, and demand that the United States stop all aid to the Palestinian Authority. Do not allow your tax dollars to continue to fund terrorism like this.

It’s no surprise that the likes of radical Islamic Congressional members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib support the Palestinian Authority.

You can watch the gunfire exchange with the ambulance trying to flee the scene below.

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By United With Israel, Oct 19, 2022

Footage showed Palestinian terrorists using an ambulance as a shield as they opened fire at Israeli soldiers.

Palestinian terrorists routinely use their own people as human shields.

On Friday, for example, Palestinian terrorists in Jenin used an ambulance as a shield as they opened fire on Israelis.

After the backlash, with people condeming the terrorists, “A popular Palestinian channel issued a statement warning the media and others not to photograph militants firing their weapons if an ambulance was present in the area. It seems groups have understood the negative effect created by recent videos posted online,” said Joe Truzman, Mideast conflict expert.

Thanks to the Gellar Report for contributing to this article.

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