HUGE: Trump Campaign Launches Another Lawsuit In Pennsylvania, Targets “Ballot Curing”

On Monday, the Trump campaign filed another lawsuit in Pennsylvania where they will attempt to halt Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar from “hurrying” to finalize the 2020 election result.

The announcement came during a press conference with Matt Morgan, Trump campaign general counsel.

“As Kayleigh stated, the election is not over,” Morgan said to reporters. “Tabulation and candidacy continues across the United States, and today in the United States District Court for the middle district of Pennsylvania, Donald J. Trump and two representative voters filed suit against the Secretary of State and select counties alleging two things. Number one, a violation of equal access based on a lack of meaningful observation and transparency particularly in Democrat controlled counties, and secondly a violation of equal protection based on disparate treatment between Republican voters and Democrat voters.”

“What this means if you were a Democrat in Philadelphia, you were able to work outside the grounds on fixing defective ballots — sometimes referred to as ‘curing’ — but if you’re in Republican counties in the state of Pennsylvania you were not allowed to do that because they were strictly following the text of the statute in Pennsylvania,” he said, adding that Republicans in Democrat-counties were denied “meaningful observation access” granted to Democrats in Republican-controlled counties. “In Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties, there were over 682,000 ballots that were tabulated outside of the view of our ballot observers who were entitled by law to view those ballots.”

“We believe that a meaningful review of those ballots could discern that there were some ballots that were illegally counted,” Morgan finished. “We believe that this lawsuit takes us one step closer to closing the gap in the vote differential in Pennsylvania.”

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel added that “if it were this close the other way, if Trump was in the lead in all these states, the media would be screaming, ‘This isn’t over.’”

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