Huge Coronavirus News Out Of South Korea Gives Hope To The United States

Although it feels like the Coronavirus outbreak will only get worse, it’s important to remember that this ‘Black Swan’ event will soon pass and life will be back to normal in the United States.

One reason for our country to have hope is by looking to South Korea. On Monday night, it was reported that Coronavirus RECOVERIES are now outpacing NEW cases.

This is HUGE. That means the “new case” rate has flatlined while the “recoveries” are consistently rising.

Here’s the report from Newsweek:

South Korea has had one of the largest outbreaks of the new coronavirus, and nearly 8,000 people have contracted the virus, which has killed 67 people in the country. 

The outbreak appears to be waning, though, and on Friday the KCDC reported that 177 additional people were pronounced recovered from the virus and that there were only 110 new cases.

South Korea reported its first case on January 20, and in the two months since, 510 people have recovered and 7,402 remain in isolation. Cases appear to be on the decline, but the KCDC urged people not to become complacent about prevention measures because new cases are still emerging in small clusters from businesses, churches, cafes and medical facilities.

Through the weekend, everyone was advised to continue practicing social distancing and personal hygiene measures and to refrain from visiting community spaces or public gatherings.

You can read more from our friends over at Trending Politics.

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