How RINO’s Cotton and McConnell Secretly Plotted Against Trump to Undermine His Election-Fraud Claims, New Book Says it All

A new book claims that Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky plotted together to undermine the election fraud claims of President Donald J. Trump.

David Drucker wrote that both privately maneuvered in ways to ensure that Trump didn’t overturn the election in his new book.

According to the book, Cotton even brought forward a plan to announce that he opposed Trump’s efforts.

The new book, “In Trump’s Shadow” by journalist David Ducker, had an excerpt published in Vanity Fair on Monday. The excerpt said they tried behind the scenes to maneuver against the President.

According to Drucker, Cotton and McConnell realized that Trump wanted to try to win enough support from Republican lawmakers to object to the certification of electoral votes in swing states on January 6, thereby overturning Biden’s alleged victory.

Cotton ordered his aides to investigate and prepare a memo, which made clear that Vice President Pence did not, as Trump claimed, have the power to overturn the Electoral College Results, Drucker stated in the book.

Cotton had planned to publish an op-ed article in a local Arkansas paper detailing why he would not oppose certification over Trump’s election-fraud claims, Drucker stated.

However Cotton’s strategy to go against the President with McConnell was derailed when Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri offered support to oppose Biden’s election certification.

Reports began to swirl that Senator Ted Cruz, and others would also oppose certification, something McConnell stated later would lead US Democracy to “enter a death spiral.” McConnell is also a spineless coward who has fought more to keep his position than to help the American people.

Drucker wrote that “after some discussion, McConnell urged Cotton to speed up his timeline for announcing his opposition.”

On January 3, Cotton still butthurt that Trump refused to make him CIA Director, would put out a statement saying he would not oppose the certification of the results on January 6. His State of Arkansas had crushed Biden in the general election. Trump reaching 62.4 percent of the vote to only Biden’s 34.8 percent. So naturally the move by Cotton was a move that will make his reelection bid almost impossible in the state, showing his true colors.

After a herd of Antifa agitators mixed in with feeble minded conservatives convened on the Capitol on January 6, some of the GOP lawmakers who had planned to oppose certification changed their minds and folded like cheap accordions in the face of any adversity whatsoever. No one condones the idiocy of what happened at the Capitol, but failing to do your job your constituents voted you in office to do is cowardly and deserves a billing of treason.

At the end of the day, only 7 Republican Senators voted against certifying Pennsylvania’s electoral votes, and six voted against certifying Arizona’s.

McConnell’s team believes that Cotton’s announcement helped stop Trump from enlisting further Republican support, Drucker says in the book.

Two members of McConnell’s leadership teal told Drucker directly that Cotton played a “very important role” in preventing more Republicans from opposing the election results.

Of course, Cotton and McConnell’s office have not made a comment on this story.

Thanks to our friends at Business Insider for contributing to this article.

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
10 months ago

NO… they plotted against us

10 months ago

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