How Peaceably Gather Put God First and Raised America’s Churches from the Dead

You may be wondering how Peaceably Gather got started in the first place.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic we had very little research about the virus itself. To be a good neighbor we closed on our services and went online for a period of time. But, then we watched as the government allowed other businesses to open up around us yet the church remained closed.

We organized a drive-through Easter egg handout for the community. We had less than 10 workers, the eggs were packed and left to sterilize for five days, and no one was getting out of their cars. On that day, the health department showed up and closed down our Easter egg hand out.

But the people of our church looked across the parking lot and saw the fast food places handing out french fries, the liquor stores were serving their patrons, and the coffee shops were selling lattes all in drive-through fashion. We begin to ask ourselves if this was religious discrimination and the answer is a resounding yes!

We knew it was time to stand against religious discrimination and to stand for the First Amendment in America. So we called all the local media and organized a parking lot communion service where we would violate the governor’s mandate and hand the sacrament to our people.

Then God laid it on our hearts to help embolden other churches and pastors open their services despite government overreach. Since then we have partnered with thousands of churches to stand for religious liberty.

If we don’t stand for religious liberty, what will happen to our country? The fight for religious freedom is a fight for the heart and soul of America. If we lose the First Amendment, future generations will lose the right to worship the way that they see fit as Americans. This victory will ensure that our children have the same fabric of religious freedom in the culture that they live in!

Peaceably Gather has helped over 5,000 churches in America open their doors, and they can do the same for your church if it’s still closed. Pastor Brian Gibson and his amazing team have let God lead the way, and through God and the grace of Jesus, Churches are being opened daily. Join the Remnant today!

Will you help us by sharing our story and work with your friends and family, and on social media?

Will you petition local and state leaders to maintain religious freedom and uphold our Constitutional rights?

Thank you for caring so much about this incredibly important issue.


Pastor Brian Gibson

You can donate to Peaceably Gather by visiting www.PG.Today

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