“HOW DARE YOU!” Leo Terrell Goes Nuclear On Geraldo For Saying Trump “Incited Insurrection”

No matter how hard you try to convince a leftist that what happened on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol Building was not “insurrection” and that former President Donald Trump did not “incite” the riot, it makes no different because most will simply tune you out and ignore the facts.

Trump told rallygoers to “peacefully” protest (that’s a direct quote). He never said, ‘Storm that place!’

Big difference. Except to hardcore liberals like Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera. He refuses to ‘get it.’

As such, a discussion of the riot devolved into a shouting match with network contributor (and former leftist) Leo Terrell who blasted Rivera after he, again, falsely claimed Trump “incited insurrection” (apparently he and other libs have never actually been to or seen a real insurrection).

Leading in, Rivera said that the thousands of federalized National Guard troops remaining in the capital city well beyond President Joe Biden’s inauguration should remain for the foreseeable future — ostensibly because there’s some existential threat to DC or something — while Terrell accurately countered that the troops are there to make Trump’s unconstitutional second impeachment trial more dramatic.

On that subject, Rivera did urge the Democrat-run Senate to just censure Trump (there is nothing in the Constitution providing for the ‘censure’ of a private citizen, by the way, but oh well).

“With this vote yesterday, it’s clear that 45 Republicans are not going to go along with impeachment,” Rivera explained. “What the Senate has to do is a joint bipartisan resolution to censure Donald Trump. Let’s censure him. Let’s say what you did was unacceptable. You incited that.”

“Come on!” Terrell exclaimed. “How dare you blame Donald Trump for that. We have a rule of law. We have due process.”

“Because I have eyes,” Rivera replied.

Sure you do, Rivera — except all last year (and into this year) when Antifa and BLM thugs and anarchists were burning down a billion dollars’ worth of businesses and infrastructure because they could.

“For you to come on here and say that he was responsible is wrong!” Terrell continued. “You should not say that and you should apologize to President Trump for that statement. You have no facts to justify that!”

“President Trump needs to apologize to us,” Rivera countered.

“No! You’re wrong!” Terrell fired back. “I think you should review the First Amendment again because I’ll ask you right now on TV, tell me the words, the magic words that he used to incite those criminals. Tell me the magic words right now, Geraldo.”

“I’ll give you three weeks of incitement,” Rivera said. “What in the hell do you think that crowd was going to do when they got to the Capitol? What were they going to do?”

Uh, maybe listen to the president’s speech, Geraldo? Because that’s all the vast majority of his 100,000-plus supporters did that day.

In any event, it is pointless to try and convince these lunatics that Trump “incited insurrection” because that has become the left’s talking point upon which new legislation and executive actions aimed at combatting the phantom ‘domestic terrorist threat from the right’ will be based.

Nevertheless, as Terrell demonstrates, the fake narrative still must be refuted, and forcefully, every time it is uttered.

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1 year ago

Leo fights for the truth that is Trump. Dana is a RINO.
Geraldo is not worth the time or the space.
But then it is not worth anyones time to listen to OLD Geraldo the windbag

1 year ago

Rivera is not only a back stabbing Judas, IMO, he’s a self aggrandizing traitor & Perinno, is like her ex-Boss G.W. a RINO, who has sold out her country & her vote to foreign & domestic enemies, but I suspect, like her ex-boss is too comfortable to notice. IMO. Good for Leo for upholding rule of law, while the other frauds on that panel attempt to uphold their hopefully failing media careers. What a disgrace most of FOX has turned into. From FOX to FAKES.

Last edited 1 year ago by chuckawala
1 year ago

Geraldo… is a total POS! I have a feeling he must be feeling some heat…and trying to avoid some jail time. His days are numbered. We the people see through his BS! Never really liked his sensationalist journalism. Go Away GR!