How Clueless Are Fact Checkers? Wait Until You Read This Email I Just Received

How clueless are the fact checkers in America that get conservative voices banned based on their so called “fact checking skills?” Pretty damn clueless America, and we’re going to dive right into this subject.

Yours truly was banned on Twitter for sharing an article and an interview by the late great Dr. Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko on Covid. Twitter used it to indefinitely suspend me, and as you know by now, everything that amazing doctors like Zelenko, Bartlett, and McCullough through divine wisdom above came up with saved millions of lives around the globe. You now know that the CDC lied to you, and that the guidelines for an unvaccinated person with Covid are the same as a quadrupled jabbed person.

You also know by now that you don’t even have to quarantine now if you get Covid according to the CDC. You were lied to, duped, and controlled by your government for over two years. I was banned on Twitter with 800,000 followers for calling out the hypocrisy that I saw with my own two eyes. Why was I banned, why fact checkers of course. The clowns that they are.

Well let’s look at an email I just received, this one is asking about a meme. Yes folks, they think the meme could be real, that’s how intelligent that they are. This is absolutely hilarious that this question is even being coined.

I don’t even know what AFP is folks, but it looks to be some sort of French fact checking service that does fact checking for the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and others. How stunningly shocking that these groups have nothing better to do with their time on a Monday morning.

Let’s discuss the email I received first, shall we?

My name is Bill McCarthy, and I’m a reporter with AFP. I hope you’re well.

I’m fact-checking a viral image purporting to show a Truth Social post from former President Donald Trump saying of the queen, “I never told anybody but she knighted me in private.” The post appears to be a fake; there is no record I can find of any such Truth Social post from President Trump. 

The earliest iteration of the image I have found is the one posted to your Facebook and Instagram accounts on September 8.

Could you please confirm whether or not you created this image, and if so, whether it was meant as satire or a joke? Your speedy response today would be appreciated, if possible. Thank you!



Viral? The one on my Facebook page only has 44 likes, I wouldn’t consider that viral. I have one from this weekend with Al Capone that is nearing 40,000 likes, now that’s viral! But Bill doesn’t want to talk about that, because it discusses crime in Chicago. Here’s the meme he is asking about below, and it’s an obvious joke.

Of course it’s a joke, and Donald Trump if you know him has an amazing sense of humor, even in a time of tragedy to keep people smiling and lighthearted. It’s a joke, Trump claiming he’s a Knight, how can one not get that? Thus lies the problem, these fact checkers are clueless America, and yet they have enough stroke and power to ruin peoples livelihoods and social media accounts.

I took a massive blow when they took down my Twitter and YouTube channel with hundreds of millions of impressions per month, they did it on purpose, and they wanted to silence one of the biggest conservative voices in America. Thank God for platforms like GETTR, Gab, Telegram, TruthSocial, Parler, CloutHub, MeWe, Minds, and others that still allow free speech. Thank God for Rumble and Foxhole, and some places that allow you to say what you want as the Constitution allows. Because if it were up to the Fact Checkers, they’d just silence anyone that doesn’t agree with their political ideologies and beliefs.

So the question remains, if you don’t even have the common sense and stability to understand a humorous meme, should you be fact checking anything or anyone? Probably not, right? It’s unbelievable that this is America, and this is the world. In fact, it should scare the hell out of you.

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