Houston Nurse Topped Speeds of 130 MPH Before Deadly Los Angeles Car Crash Prosecutors Claim [VIDEO OF CRASH INSIDE]

New details are emerging in a Houston-area nurses deadly car crash last month in a Los Angeles neighborhood from prosecutors in a motion heard last Friday.

According to documents received by NBC Los Angeles, prosecutors with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office filed a motion opposing bail reduction and release of Nicole Linton, a 37-year-old nurse from Houston currently being held on an insane $9 million bail. Her crime, allegedly engineering a fiery high speed car wreck that killed five people, including a pregnant woman, and caused eight other injuries at an intersection in a the Los Angeles neighborhood of Windsor Hills back on August 4.

We covered the story HERE at The DC Patriot.

Linton has been charged with the murder of six people, including the unborn fetus. But if you talk to leftists, that’s not a baby, strange how the laws on the books work, but that’s not part of this story.

Linton’s lawyers had previously argued that their client was a traveling intensive care nurse then stationed at Kaiser Performance Los Angeles Medical Center, and she lost consciousness moments before the crash.

However remarks and details released on Friday’s filing dispute those claims, citing data recorded by the ECU (Electronic Recording Unit) in Linton’s car that registered her speed at 22 mph five seconds prior to the fiery and deadly crash.

Those documents state that the ECU in Linton’s Mercedes-Benz recorded her steering wheel at a level position and her foot pressed fully on the accelerator for at least five seconds prior to crashing into multiple cars moving through the intersection.

At the point of impact, Linton was traveling 130mph according to prosecutors’ documents.

“This NASCAR-worthy performance flies in the face of the notion that she was unconscious or incapacitated,” the filing states.

The Prosecutions filing also says that emergency room doctors who treated Linton in the immediate aftermath of the crash did not report any signs of seizure or impairment that would cause her to lose consciousness while driving.

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This filing comes as her lawyers seek her release on bail and potential housing in a mental health treatment facility. The prosecution is arguing and wants her to remain in custody.

In addition to the six murder charges, Linton also faces five counts of vehicular manslaughter after her Mercedes-Benz ran a red light and plowed into multiple cars in that deadly intersection crash.

The crash killed Asherey Ryan, 23, her 11-month-old son Alonzo Quintero and her fiancé Reynold Lester. Also killed in the collision were Ryan’s unborn child, as well as Nateshia Lewis, 43, and Lynette Noble, 30.

Linton’s attorney’s Halim Dhanidina and Jacqueline Sparagnafor detailed their clients history of mental illness and struggles with bipolar disorder. Yet she was a travel nurse working on patients? Really?

In May 2018 Linton was cited for disorderly conduct after jumping into a police squad car while suffering an acute panic attack. She was later committed to a psychiatric unit where she was prescribed medication to combat her bipolar disorder.

Linton’s attorneys maintain that she began refusing to take her medication after the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing her mental health to gradually worsen in recent years. On the day of the wreck Linton allegedly appeared naked during a FaceTime call with members of her family while on a lunch break from her work at the hospital, her attorneys claimed.

A bail review hearing is scheduled for Linton this week in court.

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