House Passes UNCONSTITUTIONAL Bill To Make D.C. 51st State Going Against Constitution & Founders

The corrupt House of Representatives in the United States government lead by the tyrannical Democrats in office has passed one of the most unconstitutional bills in American history today, sending it onto the United States Senate.

The Bill HR51, includes making Washington, D.C. the 51st State in America. Which is against everything our founding fathers wanted when they created the most powerful governing document in the worlds history.

The House on Thursday voted 216-208 to pass the horrific bill that violates the United States Constitution.

The legislation if it passes would create the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth. Again, completely illegal and against our Constitution.

The Founding Fathers wrote it into the Constitution. Article I, Section 8 provides explicitly for a national capital that would not be part of a state nor treated as a state, but rather a unique enclave under the exclusive authority of Congress — a neutral “district” in which representatives of all the states could meet on an equal footing to conduct the nation’s business.

The District of Columbia already has a Mayor, and they have a city council, and things have worked just fine for 244 years, and doesn’t need changed folks. That’s all liberals and progressives do is try to change the foundation of America from within.

So House Democrats have come up with a sneaky constitutional workaround. H.R. 51, the bill to be voted on next Friday, purports to shrink the District of Columbia to just the few blocks along the National Mall containing the various federal government buildings, such as the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court, plus the “principal federal monuments.” The rest of the city would be rechristened “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth,” and admitted as the 51st state.

Give the drafters points for ingenuity, but their scheme is too clever by half. Congress cannot change the status of the capital district simply by redefining it. Washington, D.C.’s one-of-a-kind standing in the federal system is spelled out in the Constitution; the only way to modify that standing is to modify the Constitution. The plain meaning of Article I is that “the Seat of Government of the United States” comprises all the land supplied for that purpose. H.R. 51 would turn it instead into exactly what the Framers rejected — an island of government buildings, with perhaps a few hundred residents, enveloped within a state.

And what about those few hundred residents? As long as the 23rd Amendment is in force, the District of Columbia is guaranteed at least three votes in the Electoral College. Under the House bill, those votes would be controlled by the microscopic population of the drastically shrunken district, making them far and away the most influential voters in the nation. Such an outcome would obviously be absurd, yet it would be unavoidable unless the 23rd Amendment were repealed. And the only way to repeal a constitutional amendment is with another amendment.

Like most things, life in Washington involves tradeoffs: D.C. residents are closer to the levers of federal power than anyone else, they have free access to many of the nation’s foremost cultural treasures, and they have some of the highest average household and individual incomes in the country. On the other hand, they don’t live in a state and they don’t vote for members of Congress. Most Americans don’t see a problem with that arrangement, and they’ve got the Constitution on their side.

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