Horrific Video Shows the Taliban Punishing the Journalist That Worked With Foreign Media in Jalalabad (VIDEO-Graphic Warning)

Middle Eastern journalist Hizbullah Khan has released a video of what he claims is the Taliban punishing the journalist who worked for foreign media in Jalalabad.

Khan is a journalist who’s focus is on War & Terrorism in Afghanistan. So what he says has weight. He’s worked for The Independent, St. Louis Today, Daily Star News, Bylines, among other large media outlets. Our point is, he just doesn’t make things up.

Here’s the tweet he put out a couple of hours ago.

Dark age returned to #Afghanistan. The Taliban are punishing the journalist that worked with foreign media in Jalalabad. #Kabul.

What you’re about to witness in the following video is VERY GRAPHIC.

Watch Below at your own risk, Graphic Warning!

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Rae gielau
Rae gielau
11 months ago

Cowards beating woman and unarmed citizens Taliban Isis,al-Qaida such blood thirsty pigs!