HORRIFIC: South Carolina Student & Stepfather Fatally Shot in Head Following Hate Crime Road Rage

A horrific story that we just hate to report here at The DC Patriot today. A college student and her step father have been fatally shot in the head and murdered after a traffic accident.

Charles Nicholas Wall, 45, and his stepdaughter Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, were shot and killed following a car accident on Monday in Georgetown, South Carolina.

A third shooting victim Paul McConnell, survived the road rage attack according to WPDE-TV.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office identified the monster and suspect as Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III, 23, from Moncks Corner.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. on August 24th when the stepfather went to deliver keys to Anderson after she accidentally locked herself out of her newly purchased home. According to the family she had just moved in and was selling an old set of bunk beds to someone online, who was coming over to pick the items up.

Wall’s car was allegedly rear-ended as he turned into the driveway of Anderson’s home. Walters reportedly got out of his vehicle and shot Wall, Anderson, and McConnell.

“It actually happened in yer yard, waiting for the keys to get to her,” Lynn lambert, a close friend of the family, told WPDE-TV.

According to the WB-TV, when police arrived on the scene, one of the victims had already been taken to the hospital, and another one was being given CPR by an EMT.

McConnell was walking around with a gunshot wound to his list when police arrived, All was shot at lest twice in the head and torso, and Anderson was shot at least once in the head also.

Walters allegedly fled on foot and ran into the woods. Police set up a perimeter and apprehended him around 6:30 p.m. according to the Georgetown Times’ Post and Courier.

“My husband Nick loved everybody. He would do anything for anybody,” Kimberly Wall said about her husband. “He was loving and had a heart of gold.”

Kimberly Wall called her daughter a free spirit and fun-loving. She said Laura was set to start college soon and pursue a career in teaching just like her mother.

Kimberly Wall added that there was one thing Laura would always do before she would leave the ones she loved.

“She said, ‘You should always say I love you when you leave because something might happen.’ She would say, ‘I love you, Mom,’ and if I did not immediately say it she’d say, ‘I love you, Mom,’ just to make sure I said it back and I’d say, ‘I love you too Laura,‘” Kimberly Wall remembered about her daughter.

You can read more from our friends over at WB-TV.

All of us at The DC Patriot send our heartfelt prayers, thoughts, and condolences to the family of this horrific tragedy.

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Liberty Dankmeme
Liberty Dankmeme
1 year ago

ain’t diversity great? would probably be cheaper in the long run to just send them all back to africa

1 year ago

Thank you for reporting this story. Do you have a follow-up? (The story needs to be checked for grammar and spelling. Makes you look amateur. I’m available for editing)