HORRIFIC: ABC Kills off Roseanne’s Character on New Spin Off ‘The Conners’

ABC sunk to a new low last night as they killed off the legendary character of Roseanne Barr in their new spin off called “The Conners”.

Roseanne, who was fired by ABC for making what they deemed to be “Racist” remarks, after a joke she spun about former Obama Staffer Valerie Jarrett. In agreement with Roseanne, I had no clue Valerie Jarrett was even black until it was brought up by liberals everywhere. Also in agreement with Roseanne, Valerie Jarrett was the author of the Iran deal. The gist of it was simple. Roseanne is a Trump supporter, and voted for him. They found an opportunity to pounce and they did.

They’ll now suffer for it dearly as the show is doomed from the start. Here’s a statement from Roseanne from her YouTube channel on why she was fired.

Roseanne as usual is spot on. She had no clue that Valerie Jarrett was black, and it was a joke. The real story, Roseanne voted for President Trump. That’s the real problem. It’s a hypocritical double standard where only those who go against the liberal grain are punished, persecuted, and attacked by the left.

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