HOLY HELL: Rudy Giuliani Files Police Report on Purported Hunter Biden Laptop, Alleging Child Endangerment, Turns Over HD to Delaware State Police (VIDEO)

More bombshell revelations of the Hunter Biden laptop and email explosion. Former New York Mayor and President Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani says he and former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerick turned over the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop to Delaware State Police.

The reason? Because the laptop allegedly has inappropriate photo’s and text messages from under age girls. The Mayor announced on a live broadcast on Newsmax on Tuesday night.

Students for Trump President Ryan Fournier fired off this shot on Twitter moments after the announcement.

Rudy Giuliani turned over Hunter Biden’s hard drive to the Delaware State Police… Because it contained photos of underaged girls and inappropriate texts. Hunter Biden belongs in prison.

Below is a screen shot of the text messages that Giuliani released via the Newsmax interview.

Conservative Talk Show Host Wayne Allen Root had been making the claims for the last two days, and it proves his sources on the laptop and hard drive were spot on.

Watch the full interview below.

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