HOLY HELL! Project Veritas UNDERCOVER STING Shows GOP Ballot Chaser Admits to MAJOR Voter Fraud in Texas to Help Joe Biden “$55K for 5,000 Votes” (VIDEO)

Part two of the damning video and audio evidence of Project Veritas is out as they’ve ousted yet another person buying votes for former Vice President Joe Biden.

In fact, in this video it tells you what many Trump supporters already expected. That the die hard RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) are actually pulling for a Biden election.

Check this out.

“Some of my Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known… They want to help Biden.”

“For the entire team I’m looking at… $55,000”

“$55K for $5K votes, top of the ticket, Hegar/Biden”

Watch the bombshell Video Below!

This is a developing story, stay with us we’ll keep bringing you what Veritas puts out right here at The DC Patriot. REAL news in REAL time!

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