Hodgetwins Drop EPIC Tweet Hammering Disgusting Radical Democrats Comparing 9-11 to Jan 6 [DETAILS INSIDE]

By now you know the radical left is absolutely and certifiably insane. The fact that these mental midgets were trying t compare January 6 to 9-11, is an absolute disgrace and horror to the nearly 3,000 lives that were lost from over 100 countries on that horrific day in New York City.

However, the left loves to try to play the one upper when it comes to things, and thus here we are once again dealing with their stupidity.

Democrats hit one of their lowest points ever over the weekend, trying to compare 9-11 to the 3-hour melee on January 6 of grandmas and truck drivers taking selfies in the Capitol Rotunda.

Liberal Blue Checkmarks on Twitter, and Democrat politicians alike, were comparing unarmed idiot sticks at the Capitol to nearly 3,000 innocent people being slaughtered by Radical Islamic Terrorists in the worst attack on our nations soil ever.

Enter our good friends The Hodgetwins, with one tweet, to the point, and it was a knockout blow.

Innocent people were forced to jump from burning buildings to their death on 9/11. Police held doors open for grandma to walk through the Capitol on 1/6. People comparing the two are soulless clowns.

That’s it, that’s the tweet folks. There’s nothing else that needs to be said, other than the Democrats are an evil that is trying to destroy our nation. They must be voted out on November 8, and we must all do our part to NEVER allow the Democrats to have power again, or our nation is done for.

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