Hillary Clinton finally has responded to allegations made in a court filing by special counsel John Durham, who holds​ the assignment of investigating the origins of the Democrats’ now-debunked 2016 conspiracy theory that purported that the Donald Trump campaign was linked to, and indebted to, Russia.

The charge is that her campaign hired tech companies to spy on Donald Trump during the presidential race and after he took office.

Nonsense,” Clinton says. And she claims that a story created by Vanity Fair proves her statement.​
Durham’s blockbuster revelation came in a recent court filing, and charged that Clinton’s campaign spied on internet traffic at Trump Tower, Donald Trump’s New York City apartment and the White House in an effort to frame Trump as a Russian stooge.

That such nefarious activity might have been going on already had been supported by other evidence, such as statements that then-CIA chief John Brennan had briefed Barack Obama on Clinton’s strategy to try to tie Trump to Russia in order to take the public’s atention away from her own email scandal. 

She now charges what she has been described as doing actually is what Trump and others are trying to do to her now.That is, “desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from, real ones.”

The White House multiple times has refused to comment on the court filing, and Clinton earlier had refused several times when asked by reporters.

She broke her silence, a strategy adopted by Joe Biden’s White House, with her social media statement on Wednesday.

She Said, “Trump and Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones. So, it’s a day that ends in Y. The more his misdeeds are exposed, the more they lie.”

She then linked the Vanity Fair, saying it was a “good debunking” of the “nonsense.”

Republicans, however, have suggested the new evidence reveals Democrats will do anything to win elections and control the nation.

They now are insisting that investigations need to be done into Representatives Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, two of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s key attack dogs in her war against Trump.

Durham, in fact, already has released indictments of three people connected to the 2016 conspiracy theory created by Democrats against Trump. One defendant has pleaded guilty to altering evidence, and the two others are accused of lying.

Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said on Wednesday, “Durham’s recent revelations show what we knew all along, Hillary Clinton and her Democrat cronies actively spied on President Trump. No American should accept that a presidential candidate engaged in criminal activity and created a false scandal about their opponent to win an election.”

He added, “These accusations beg the question, what else will Democrats do to win an election? Hillary Clinton and the corrupt actors involved in this scheme should be prosecuted. And the media should uphold their duty and responsibility to report the truth.”

Lest people simply accept the Vanity Fair claim of Clinton’s innocence, the Media Research Center (MCR) released a montage of video clips of other media outlets repeating Clinton’s talking point, that there was “no spying.”

Paul Bedard commented on the situation in his Washington Examiner column. Under the headline, “No spying on Trump? 35 times Big Media Lied,” he explained Durham’s latest court filing “isn’t just taking down team Clinton’s wall of defense against charges of spying on Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, but he’s revealing just how vigorously the liberal media worked to hold that wall up.”

“Over five years, news personalities on the ‘Big Three’ networks and left-leaning cable channels repeated dismissed the charges. ‘There was no spying’ was heard as often as Trump’s claim of ‘fake news,” he explained.

But Durham’s filing now suggests a “pattern of spying” on Trump’s home, campaign, and White House, he said.

So, the MRC is “reminding the public just how much the pro-Clinton media lathered on the ‘no spying’ lie.”

Some in the legacy media, like the New York Times, continued to ignore the claims against Clinton.
The New York Times said it was canceling the blockbuster report because the accusations are “too much work for Times readers to digest.”

We appreciated the WND News Center for content in this article.

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3 months ago

“But Durham’s filing now suggests a “pattern of spying” on Trump’s home, campaign, and White House, he said.” quoting this article
This is where I find out which news outlets are real and which are really leftist undercover rhetoric and propaganda spreading liars. You have to have the balls to stand up to people like HIllary to win against them! This is where freedom fighting starts. In publications like this one!

Zoe Morrison
Zoe Morrison
3 months ago

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Steve Owen
Steve Owen
3 months ago

When you are Crooked Hillary, you just lie. The sheep won’t notice.