HILARIOUS: Trump Tweets Support For Ocasio-Cortez in Senate Run, Mocks Schumer

On Monday, President Donald Trump shockingly voiced his support for socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a potential Senate run.

The comment from the President came in a tweet while he was responding to a headline from the Washington Times which read: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushed to challenge Chuck Schumer in Senate primary.”

President Trump then tweeted, “Actually, that would be a big improvement – and she would win!”

The article from the Times read, “liberals are kicking around the idea that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could launch a 2022 primary challenge against a titan of the Democratic Party establishment: Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer.”

“Just going to say something out loud that should be obvious: The fastest way to speed up the process of changing the corrupt, do-nothing, status-quo-protecting culture of the national Democratic Party is for @AOC to defeat @ChuckSchumer in a Democratic primary in 2022,” said a senior adviser to Sen. Bernard Sanders’ presidential campaign David Sirota on Twitter.

The Times added, “Ms. Ocascio-Cortez would be a natural fit, so the mere thought of the liberal sensation considering a heavyweight clash with Mr. Schumer is generating buzz about the future of the first-term congresswoman while adding another layer of intrigue to the New York’s primary.”

Check out what the Daily Wire had to say:

Ocasio-Cortez, a former bartender, surprised politicos in 2018 when she knocked of party power broker Joe Crowley in the 14th Congressional District, which includes parts of the Bronx and Queens. Since then, she has built a mini-machine, targeting incumbents she deems not progressive enough and hauling in huge amounts of cash.

The first-term lawmaker is staunchly anti-Trump, which makes his endorsement all the stranger. On Sunday, the democratic socialist from New York, took glee in the reported low turnout at President Trump’s campaign rally on Saturday in Tulsa, saying “teens on TikTok” reserved thousands of tickets — and then didn’t show up.

“Actually you just got ROCKED by teens on TikTok who flooded the Trump campaign w/fake ticket reservations & tricked you into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open mic enough to pack an arena during COVID,” she wrote in response to a Twitter message by Trump 2020 Campaign chief Brad Parscale.

“Shout out to Zoomers. Y’all make me so proud,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

AOC also thanked fans and “stans” of K-Pop,  a genre of music popular in South Korea. “KPop allies, we see and appreciate your contributions in the fight for justice too,” the congresswoman wrote.

Photos from the event showed parts of the upper tier of Tulsa’s BOK Center were empty during the rally, despite requests for tickets that Parscale claimed earlier last week topped one million.

Parscale said there was another reason for empty seats. “Radical protestors, fueled by a week of apocalyptic media coverage, interfered with @realDonaldTrump supporters at the rally. They even blocked access to the metal detectors, preventing people from entering,” he wrote on Twitter.

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