HILARIOUS! Richard Grenell Trolls Pete Buttigieg IN EPIC Tweet ‘Welcome to the Club’

Former Ambassador to Germany and former head of DNI in President Trump’s cabinet is taking shots at newly sworn in transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg.

As you know the Democrats and liberal media have been trying to tell the public that Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay cabinet member in a presidential cabinet. Which is completely false and a lie.

Grenell was the former Ambassador to Germany and later became the head of DNI for President Trump. The media of course wants to leave this detail out about that aspect of it.

“Congratulations to @PeteButtigieg on becoming the second openly gay member of a President’s Cabinet. Welcome to the Club!”

Grenell was one of the President’s staunches supporters, and has balls of steel. It’s awesome that he continues to punch the lying media in the mouth repeatedly.

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Nathan Hunter
Nathan Hunter
2 years ago

Everything and ANYTHING that beijing biden and kameltoe harris do or say is lets say less than honest. Biden has been a liar all his life and liars lie, that’s what they’e good at. So, FUCK HIM and the ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Trump2024