HILARIOUS! Mask Shamer Gets OWNED by Police Officers (VIDEO)

We need more police officers like these two partners in America. What you are about to witness is a typical liberal male who comes up and tries to mask shame two officers not around anyone for not wearing a mask.

On the video, you will see a man walk up with his cellphone camera and try to shame two police officers for not having their masks on. The perpetual complainer asks if the fines apply to them and the officers quickly explain to this mental midget that the law in question only applies if you can’t maintain at least a six feet distance. Which they of course are.

That’s when things get even more hilarious. The officer on the left in the video then tells the genius that if he wants to get within six feet, they will gladly put on masks for him. We have a nice back and forth hilarious tennis match for a short spurt, and then when he realizes he’s been handled he snarkishly says that you should probably wear a mask in a global pandemic.

The officer on the right then begins calling the harasser a “Male Karen” and it’s absolutely hilarious. He then asks for the officers name to which the officer replies “you know my name” and shows him his nameplate with zero care. Amazing work officer.

Watch Below:

It’s apparent that these two police officers are partners and work together everyday, so of course they aren’t going to social distance, they are riding in their cruiser together daily. They are not around anyone, and are simply taking a break and chatting. This individual absolutely deserved to be called a male Karen, because he was literally harassing these officers like they continue to do to regular Joe’s in America on a daily basis. Enough is enough!

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Greg Goetz
Greg Goetz
2 years ago

Everyone should walk around with a 6 foot pole and push mask shamers away with it!