HILARIOUS: Leftist Mob Triggered By Greg Gutfeld Making Fun of Brian Williams (VIDEO)

The insane leftist mob and their media masters were insanely triggered on Tuesday morning after Greg Gutfeld debuted his new show “Gutfeld” on the Fox News network. In his opening segment, he did a piece making fun of MSNBC’s Brian Williams. You know, the same guy who was demoted/fired whatever you want to call it from NBC for lying about taking heavy fire while riding in a military helicopter?

So that’s why the left is mad, because Gutfeld made fun of someone like Williams, and it’s hilarious.

You can watch Greg’s first monologue from the ALL NEW Gutfeld Below:

Here’s some of the Triggered liberal responses below.

This guy even applauded The Lincoln Project with Brian Williams…

What are your thoughts, do you enjoy Gutfeld triggering the liberals.

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Twitter won’t let me play in their cat litter box so thanks for the clip from Fox. Greg’s take on Brian Williams was hilarious.

Jeanne Vineyard Fielden
Jeanne Vineyard Fielden
1 year ago

Love Gutfield. He will eat them alive.