HILARIOUS: Knoxville, TN Police Shut Down Rioters in MUST SEE VIDEO! They Don’t Play in Tennessee

This is phenomenal, and it makes you wonder why aren’t other police departments in America doing the same thing?

A group of thugs were roaming down a street in Nashville starting to break property and act stupid. The next thing you see on the video is hilarious.

You literally see these same thugs running for their lives, as Nashville PD lit them up with pepper balls, and rightfully so.

Now why aren’t more police departments doing this in America?


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Pastor Paul
1 year ago

wonder if young folks know how ignorant they sound when their vocabulary consists of profanity every other word…our government run education centers have let us down.

wait, that wasn’t the context of the post was it?? LOL….wish all LE departments were as quick acting as TN

Kenneth Funderburk
Kenneth Funderburk
1 year ago

This is the same woman from the Minesota, tag swapping video. And the same woman from the Antifa arrest pictures where they all have a flower stamps. She’s top row second terrorist.

Shelia Rainey-Knox
Shelia Rainey-Knox
1 year ago

More police should use these tactics. This was awesome. It cleared the area and omitted the injury of protesters.