HILARIOUS! Dude Calling Himself ‘Rahul Ligma’ Outside Twitter Headquarters Pretends to Be Fired by Musk and Moronic Media Runs with it Turning FAKE NEWS Viral (VIDEO)

It didn’t take Elon Musk long to make an entrance at Twitter headquarters after acquiring the company as he fired the CEO, CFO, and the head of censorship to kickoff the Musk era of Twitter.

However in his first full day of control o f Twitter, some humor occurred, with someone calling themselves Rahul Ligma outside of Twitter headquarters with a box pretending that he was fired, and the Fake News idiots in the mainstream media ate it up! No, we’re serious, these idiots ran with the story and it trended, went viral, was on news channels, the media is that stupid.

Deirdre Bosa with CNBC covered it like it was a #TwitterTakeover as she hashtags below about an entire team of Twitter data engineers being let go. It was all completely false, and a con. The media are absolutely moronic America, and you keep believing everything they report on television like it’s a fact.

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It’s happening Entire team of data engineers let go. These are two of them #TwitterTakeover

The best part is the tweets still going, and she doubled down on the empathy and sympathy on a completely unvetted and fake story from a dude just screwing with them. This is pure comedy gold America!

The fact this still remains up is amazing. Not taking it down looks worse than keeping it up showing that you ran with a story for feelings and emotions and didn’t even vet that these two were Twitter employees. Absolutely hysterical, and a reason why no one trusts the media.

We can’t stop laughing at this…

Even the New Chief Twit Elon Musk chimed in on the stupidity of the mainstream media.

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“Ligma Johnson had it coming”

Well that’s enough fun for today folks, we sure hope some of you will stop believing everything the mainstream media tells you. They’re lying about 95% of the time, and we just keep proving it to you.

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