He’s Back… Obama Resurfaces and Demands Passage Of “Voting Rights” Bill Before 2022 Elections

On the eve of a stinging defeat for Democrats Barack Obama has surfaced. Their efforts to ram an election rigging bill that is dishonestly being marketed as “voting rights” legislation has run up against a Senate filibuster. Obama is demanding that the “For The People Act” be passed before the 2022 midterms.

The former president is almost certainly pulling Joe Biden’s strings. His doddering front man is advancing a decidedly anti-American set of policies that would fundamentally transform the nation. That’s why he slithered out to claim that the legislation must be passed in order to protect “democracy”. This term has been hijacked by the usurpers and now means anything but.

According to Obama, “We can’t wait until the next election because if we have the same kinds of shenanigans that brought about Jan. 6, if we have that for a couple more election cycles, we’re going to have real problems in terms of our democracy long-term”. This statement was given in a conference call with “grassroots” voting rights groups on Monday.

Obama also invoked the so-called “insurrection,” a monumental hoax that may have been at least partially orchestrated by the hyper-politicized FBI according to a bombshell Revolver News report.

It is happening in other places around the world and these impulses have crept into the United States. We are not immune from some of these efforts to weaken our democracy,” said Obama.

Joining Obama on the call with the activist shock troops was his “wingman” former attorney general Eric Holder. He was one of the most corrupt individuals to ever head up the Justice Department and that is saying a heck of a lot.

Obama’s coming out of the shadows is a signal that the Democrats’ power grab is in big trouble. The two senators who are holding out, Krysten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia are not budging on their opposition to eliminating the filibuster. This leaves Dems who hold a razor-thin majority of 50-50 with Kamala Harris as the deciding vote dead in the water. Sinema reconfirmed her opposition to ending the procedure in a Monday Wa-Po editorial.

Mr. Obama also slammed Senate Republicans over their expected use of the filibuster, “Right now at least, Republicans in the Senate are lining up to try to use the filibuster to stop the For the People Act from even being debated. Think about this: In the aftermath of an insurrection, with our democracy on the line, and many of these same Republican senators going along with the notion that somehow there were irregularities and problems with legitimacy in our most recent election. They are suddenly afraid to even talk about these issues and figures out solutions on the floor of the Senate. They don’t even want to talk about voting. And that is not acceptable.” More dog whistle language from Dear Leader accusing the GOP of being racists.

Senate Democrats repeatedly used the filibuster for the entirety of former President Donald J. Trump’s historic four-year term in the White House without so much as a peep from Obama.

It is of the utmost importance for the fully radicalized Democrats to put into law practices such as ballot harvesting and vote-by-mail. Both are susceptible to fraud and were a critical component contributing to Joe Biden’s “win” in the 2020 election. The legislation would also strip states of the ability to conduct their own elections putting the corrupt Biden regime in charge.

Never in the history of the United States has one man been as destructive as Barack Obama who set back race relations for decades in pursuit of political power. He may now be even more dangerous as the one who is really running the country through his ex-veep in an end-around of the term limits imposed by the Constitution.

Thanks to our friends at Trending Politics for contributing to this article.

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