Hershey’s Says They Won’t Be Able to Meet Halloween Candy Demand This Year #LetsGoBrandon

Some great news for those who love Halloween candy, we’re just kidding it’s terrible news. In fact it’s awful news for Halloween enthusiasts, as this year your candy aisle might be empty thanks to the Democrats and Joe Biden’s idiocy in America.

“We will not be able to fully meet consumer demand,” for the October holiday, warned Hershey CEO Michele Buck in prepared remarks about the company’s second-quarter results Thursday.

Now the mainstream media pundits are going to try to tell you that it’s because there is too much demand, but do you really buy that America considering the insane issues and problems we have in America?

Empty shelves, war with Russia and the Ukraine, baby formula shortages, record high gas prices, record high inflation, officially in a recession, but trust them, it’s not Joe Biden and the Democrats. No one believes this, it is absolutely the fault of the idiots in charge of our country right now.

Now CNN and others are trying to claim that the urge for sweets surged during the pandemic and has remained high. Really, is that why everything else is always empty on the shelves on a day to day basis too?

That’s bittersweet news for Hershey, which has seen its sales spike — the company reported double-digit sales growth in the quarter compared to last year -— but it has also had to make some production sacrifices.

The chocolate maker uses the same manufacturing lines for its regular and seasonal products. That means it can’t amp up production of both regular sweets and Halloween or holiday items. Instead, it has to do one or the other. 

“We had a strategy of prioritizing everyday on-shelf availability,” Buck said during an analyst call discussing the company’s second-quarter results. “That was a choice that we needed to make,” she said. “It was a tough decision.”

Does that mean there will be a shortages of Reeses Pumpkins? Perhaps we’ll have a shortage of KitKat’s and Hershey bars? No Hershey’s kisses at Christmastime? Yikes, not good America, this is just the start.

Thanks to our friends at CNN for contributing to this article.

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