Hero K9 ‘Conan’ is a ‘Boy’ White House Confirms, Not a Girl as Originally Reported

It seems to be a trend on social media today that the majority of folks are arguing with me over a gender of the Heroic K9 Special Forces dog “Conan” who helped take down ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi.

In October, the White House originally put out a picture of Conan and said the dog was female. However after much back and forth Monday, it has now been confirmed that the dog is in fact, a boy.

Now we’re waiting to see how many people are upset that we’re actually deciding on the dogs gender based on what is uses to urinate with..

So for all of the “Negative Nancy’s” and “Argumentative Pete’s” on social media this Tuesday morning, here’s the White House Press Pool confirming that Conan is in fact, a boy.

We also included a video of Fox and Friends First stating that he is in fact a boy now.

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