HERO! Bruce Willis Asked to Leave Store for ‘Refusing’ to Wear a Mask by Angry Liberals

According to reports conservative legendary actor Bruce Willis was asked to leave a Rite Aid on Monday because he refused to wear a mask, according to a “spy” at Page Six.

The supposed spy says people inside the store became enraged when Willis, 65, wasn’t wearing a comfort blanket on his face.

Despite having a bandana around his neck, which he could have easily pulled up the source claims.

The mega-star was photographed at the store without a mask on, and he walked away without making his purchase.

This is what standing up to tyranny looks like America! We need a lot more Bruce Willis’s in the world, and a lot less mindless sheep like you see in the mainstream media.

You can read more from Page Six.

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1 year ago

Excellent work Bruce! This is a flu strain at best, and has been weaponized to control us

1 year ago

The left sucks rooster..literally and the RINO take it in the rear.