HERO: 88-year-old Kansas crossing guard dies after pushing children out of car’s path

Bob Nill, a crossing guard in Kansas City, Kansas, helped elementary children make it safely to Christ the King Parish School every day.

He left retirement so he could give back.

“He loved the children. The children loved him. They called him Mr. Bob,” said Cathy Fithian, principal of Christ the King Parish School.

Fithian said the 88-year-old served as a crossing guard for five years and had a special bond with the students.

“On Friday, when he went home, he had a lot of valentines from the kids, gifts and cards, and he just went on and on about the gifts. And his son knew that he loved it here and the kids loved him,” Fithian said.

Nill was hit by a driver just before 8 a.m. Tuesday. According to a release from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, witnesses reported the crossing guard was struck and killed while pushing children out of the way of an approaching vehicle.

“He stopped them and they listened, thank God. And then he, of course, was the victim,” Fithian said.

Nill died later from his injuries.

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