HELL YES! Moms of Liberty School Board Members Fire Superintendent After Winning Elections

A group of conservative school board members who flipped control of a South Carolina school board didn’t waste anytime on making changes to the liberals running the crap show.

This included the group firing the superintendent.

The new members of the Berkeley County school board in South Carolina, who were backed by the parent activist group Moms of Liberty, fired the district’s superintendent and banned critical race theory within hours of being sworn in on Tuesday.

Hell Yes, this is how it’s done folks!

The school district is the fourth largest in South Carolina and was one of many districts across the country where Moms for Liberty endorsed pro-parental rights school board candidates prior to Election Day.

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The Berkeley County School District now has six new members who were endorsed by the group, flipping control to a conservative majority.

The Superintendent was replaced, as was the school district’s attorney. The firings of course drew backlash from liberal media like NBC News, who reported that two members of the board who opposed the firing walked out of the meeting in protest.

Moms for Liberty founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich celebrated and made the following statement:

“We are seeing parents advocate for their children in schools with a tenacity like we’ve never seen before, and you should expect to see more examples of bold leadership as newly elected school board members take their seats on boards across the country,” Justice and Descovich said. “Parents have decided they are no longer going to sit in the shadows while school boards decide the future of their children for them.”

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