HEARTBREAKING! Tucker Carlson Reveals One of His Children Was Attacked By A Stranger At Dinner

Tucker Carlson tonight in a heart wrenching statement recalls his daughter being attacked by a man back on October 13th, 2018. They were having dinner at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia when the attack took place.

Tucker’s 19 year old daughter went to the bathroom with a friend. On the way back through the bar, a middle aged man stopped Tucker’s daughter, and asked if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson. Tucker’s daughter responded with “That’s my Dad”. The man then said “Are you Tucker’s whore” He then called her a F****** C***.”

Tuckers daughter would soon leave the restaurant after returning to their dinner table, she was in tears Carlson recalls. Tucker has a son who is also a college student, and his son went back inside the Country Club to confront the man, Tucker followed. The man admitted to doing what he stated, and then became profane and violent again. Tucker’s son threw a glass of wine in the man’s face, and told him to leave the establishment, which he soon did.

Now the left is trying to attack Tucker Carlson and use identity politics because the man has now came forward and said he’s gay and Latino. This has nothing to do with that, this has to do with the left trying to lie and smear another Conservative truth seeker.

I can’t add much to this story, other than I am also a father. I think that Tucker showed far more restraint that I would have if the same thing had happened to one of my children. There is no place for this kind of behavior, and it’s not okay to continue to let people act in this mannerism.

You can read the full statement from Carlson below from his Twitter Feed.

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