HATE CRIME: Mother Savagely Beaten in Little Caesars While Infant Daughter Tries to Help Her

What you are about to witness is absolutely sickening and disgusting. Everyone who filmed and watched this instead of stopping it should be arrested as well for participating in it.

Police in Georgia are hunting for a Black woman who brutally beatdown a white mother in front of her infant daughter, this is truly sickening.

The video takes place in a Little Caesars restaurant on Monday and shows the suspect holding a woman on the floor by the hair with one hand, while repeatedly punching her in the face with the other.

The worst part of this video, is the victims infant daughter is looking on, and even rushes into the battle to try to protect her mother from the savage, but a bystander pulls her out of the way just in time. The scumbag filming the video shouts “Move the baby! Move the baby!” Anyone who films while something like this happens should be arrested, period!

Unfortunately no such help comes to the victim despite her screaming for her life. Everyone in the store stand and watches and does nothing. These people are pathetic. One man even holds the door open for them as the thug drags the mother out by her hair into the street.

She then continues to throw her around, punch her, and then starts stomping her head into the concrete, before finally walking away, leaving the victim in a bloody pool.

The victim who somehow manages to get up, is only concerned for her infant daughter, showing she’s actually a good mom, and this jealous thug deserves to spend a decade in prison.

The following is from Toofab.com:

Stumbling to her feet, the victim’s first concern is for the daughter who witnessed the whole attack, and was very nearly dragged into it. “My baby!” she cries as she runs back into the restaurant looking for her, blood streaming from her nose.

According to an incident report, the woman being assaulted in the video is 22-year-old Emily Broadwater; the suspect is 25-year-old Brittany Kennedy, who is now wanted for battery.

The Deputy’s report indicates Broadwater was sitting in the lobby when Kennedy walked in and confronted her, shortly after 4 PM. After a few seconds talking to her, she pulled the chair from underneath her, causing her to fall to the ground, which is when the brutal beatdown began.

“I observed that the victim had a swollen and black left eye,” the Deputy wrote, per Augusta Crime. “Her bottom lip had a large laceration on the inside and was severely swollen. She had a large knot on her forehead, and multiple cuts on her head, face, and neck. She did not lose consciousness.”

“I AM THE VICTIM,” she wrote, alongside pictures of both her smashed up face, and smashed up car window.

“All I did was help a friend out with his kids while his baby moms was locked up. She has been harassing me for weeks now. All I’m saying is that I never caused any harm to her or her property or her children like she had mine.”

“Now imma go back to living my life and taking care of my daughter,” she added.

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1 year ago

Bring her to me!


[…] HATE CRIME: Mother Savagely Beaten in Little Caesars While Infant Daughter Tries to Help Her […]

1 year ago

What a POS.

Wing Walker
Wing Walker
1 year ago

I’d love to give that person a beat down she’d never forget. Another perfect reason for Concealed Carry !!
Weren’t there any real men around to help that mom ?? They should all be arrested for standing by and doing nothing.
No excuse for that behavior !!!