Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Attacks Tom Brady Over MAGA Hat

Apparently Harry Potter isn’t a President Trump fan. He’s now taking shots at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for having a MAGA hat in his locker.

Brady, along with many New England Patriots are avid Trump supporters, and have made that very clear publicly.

Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter star is taking aim at the Patriots Star Quarterback over his MAGA hat. Something that leftists love to do, because they deal in feelings, not facts.

“The whole world is rooting against the Patriots. Sorry,” he said in an interview with Variety.

Take that MAGA hat out of your locker,” Radcliffe said. “I feel like that was the moment when as a country we were all like, ‘Come on, dude! You’re awesome … Don’t put that in here.’ So, Rams. I don’t know if they’re going to win, but I want them to.

Lashing out at the Greatest NFL Quarterback of all time because he supports President Trump isn’t really the smartest thing Radcliffe could do. He’s from a country that has guns, knives, and other things banned, and it’s spiraling out of control as they have a massive immigration problem.

Hey Daniel, here in America we prefer to keep our rights. You can keep your wand. Maybe you should have loaned it to Barack Obama to fix the American economy. It appears President Trump has his own wand, and it works much better. Oh, and by the way the Hat chooses the wizard tough guy.

So who will you be rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday America?

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4 years ago

..GET A LIFE WANDboy, ur not even a CITIZEN OF OUR COUNTRY.. !! .. make ur country great..!!! Hahaaaaa