HAPPY EASTER: CNN’s April Ryan Tells Mike Huckabee He’s Going to Hell

As many of you already know and as reported here at The DC Patriot, CNN’s April Ryan is absolutely insane. After the Mueller Report came out, she said that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders head should be “Lopped Off.”

Like any good father, Governor Mike Huckabee had had enough of this nonsense. He fired back. Here is the series of Tweets the Huckster made towards CNN & Ms. Ryan.

April Ryan being who she is, a bigoted, never trumping clown, that works for CNN then doubled down on her insane hatred.

And there you have it America, the most insane Tweet of the weekend. April Ryan now has a God Complex. She can now tell you who does and doesn’t get into Heaven..

By the way, she supports the party that backs Abortion up until birth, doesn’t want Christ in our schools, and tells you that Ilhan Omar is just misunderstood.

I don’t think I’ll be taking any sermons from you today Ms. Ryan.

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