Hall of Famers Robin Yount, LeRoy Butler Launch Vodka Lemonade Brand

Two of the greatest to ever play in Major League Baseball and the National Football League have joined forces to created a new Vodka Lemonade drink that’s already turning heads and has folks talking.

Robin Young of the Milwaukee Brewers and LeRoy Butler of the Green Bay Packers have launched a a new brand combining their two companies, for a new brand/product.

Robinade is an “old school” lemonade from Hall of Fame Brewers legend Robin Young. Last year LeRoy Butler launched his brand Leap Vodka, and now the two are truly coming together.

Butler who was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame on Saturday, joins a rare list of elite players from the Green Bay Packers to do so. Butler was selected to 4 Pro Bowls, and helped the Packers win Super Bowl XXXI.

The two have now teamed up for a brand that has Wisconsinites stoked!

‘Leap N’ Lemonade’ is born America! As you can expect these two greats don’t put their money into anything unless it tastes great, and it’s getting amazing reviews we here.

“I knew it was a popular way to drink vodka these days, so it seemed like we lined up pretty well together,” says Yount, who is in Milwaukee this weekend for a 1982 Brewers reunion. “It’s fabulous.”

According to onmilwaukee.com it has 6.7 percent alcohol content, is gluten free, and puts two of the most popular Packers and Brews of all-time together promoting it.

Steve Schulz, a partner with Butler’s Leap Spirits, LLC, said the collaboration came together rather quickly this year when he contacted Yount’s partner, Tom Boehland of Citrus Systems.

“We reached out to Robinade to see if it was something Robin and his team would be interested in, and they really liked the idea. From that point forward we have worked together to confirm the design and marketing concepts.”  

“Steve made it happen quickly,” says Yount. “So I hope it takes off. We’re a little late to the party for this summer, but I know how much people back in Wisconsin like to drink, so maybe it’ll work year round.”

Butler was also excited about putting this idea together.

“We started putting it together, and boy, when Hall of Fame happened, we started developing it at an alarming rate,” says Butler. “There’s nothing out there like it … two hall of famers come together to do something that’s really good, just in time for my induction.”

Yount lives in Phoenix, but gets back to Milwaukee often, while Butler lives year round in Milwaukee, and says he loves the fact he can be on the ground promoting the brand.

“I can promote it. And Robin is such a great guy. He’s my favorite Brewer, of course.

Yount said he didn’t know Butler well, but they had crossed paths before with appearances for the Lakeshore Chinooks and other engagements. Yount even says he called Butler on Thursday to give him a pep talk for his Hall of Fame speech Saturday.

All sales of Robinade’s goes to the children cancer charity, as do portions of Leap N’ Lemonade. Leap Vodka has also supported Make-a-Wish, Friends of Autism, and SMILES (Therapeutic Horse Riding).

“It’s a win-win if you ask me,” says Yount.

The company says that sales are crushing it. “We are barely able to keep up with consumer demand,” Schulz says.

What a great concept and idea. A great drink idea, from two Hall of Famers, and it helps support children’s charity’s.. Well done men! Well Done!

LeRoy Butler & Robin Yount Team Up To Create Canned Cocktail

Milwaukee, WI – “Two Hall-of-Famers, One Great Drink!” That is the tagline for Leap n’ Lemonade, the inaugural canned cocktail now available from Wisconsin-based Leap Spirits. The ready-to-drink vodka/lemonade combines LeRoy Butler’s Leap Vodka with Robin Yount’s Robinade – Old School Lemonade.

Joining products to create Leap n’ Lemonade gives the two Wisconsin sports legends something in common but it’s not the only thing. Both Butler and Yount were drafted by teams that call Wisconsin home and played their entire careers for those organizations – an increasingly rare accomplishment in modern professional sports.

Both men were arguably the best at their positions in their primes. Butler earned NFC All-Pro honors four times and played in four Pro Bowls. He was named to the NFL’s All-Decade team for the 1990s. Yount was named an American League All-Star three times and played in three All-Star games. He dominated the 1980s and won two American League MVP Awards. And, like the tagline reminds us, both are Hall-of- Famers.

“We are hopeful Wisconsin consumers like Leap n’ Lemonade because we made it for them with products from two Wisconsin sports legends,” said Steve Schulz, president of Leap Spirits. “We wanted to work with Robin Yount and his group because Robinade tastes great and really complements our award-winning Leap Vodka. The fact that Robin, like LeRoy, is a Wisconsin sports icon makes Leap n’ Lemonade even more fun to enjoy for Wisconsin consumers.”

Canned cocktails continue to be the fastest growing segment of the adult beverage market. Spirits-based canned cocktails like Leap n’ Lemonade are now dominating the industry, growing at more than twice the rate of malt-based seltzers. Schulz contributes the accelerated growth of spirit-based products to ease of use and enhanced flavor. “While consumers desire the convenience, consistency and mobility canned cocktails provide, they also want products with authentic flavor; that is where many malt-based seltzers can come up short.”

LeRoy Butler, co-founder of Leap Vodka, believes Leap n’ Lemonade appeals to Wisconsin sports fans in a way no other product can. “No product has more of a connection to Wisconsin than Leap n’ Lemonade. This should be at every tailgate and get-together in Wisconsin because everyone will love it.” Butler also indicated more canned cocktails from Leap Spirits may be on the horizon. “We are just getting started with our canned cocktail line of products. Leap n’ Lemonade is being launched first but more flavors are coming soon. I’m all about giving the fans what they want and they are asking for canned cocktails made with Leap Vodka.”

Leap n’ Lemonade Canned Cocktails by Leap Spirits.

Leap n’ Lemonade is available in 12-ounce cans and sold in 6-packs. The product is made with real vodka,

real juice, contains 6.7% ABV and is gluten-free. To learn more about the product please visit leapspirits.com. 

Thanks to our friends at OnMIlwaukee.com for contributing to this article.

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5 months ago

“…have joined forces to created a new Vodka Lemonade…” (that’s some great grammar there…)
“…Robin Young of the Milwaukee Brewers and…” (who the ***k is Robin Young??)

sometimes finding the ***kups by the DCPatriot writers is more fun and entertaining than the articles themselves!!