Hackers Steal 26 Million Logins for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Other Tech Giants Get Payment Info from Over 3 Million Devices

Well another day another massive hack in Joe Biden’s America. Why didn’t this happen under Donald J. Trump as President? Could it be because Trump would have went after these people with a ferocious veracity unlike Biden?

Researchers have now discovered an unidentified malware that created 1.2 TB database of personal records stolen from some 3.25 million PCs.

The Cybersecurity provider NordLocker discovered the malware database, which includes 26 million login credentials.

The information seems to be collected by the malware between 2018 and 2020.

This news of course comes amid two massive ransom hacks in cybersecurity against the largest meat producer in the world JBS and Colonial Pipeline. Both of those companies paid massive multi-million dollar ransoms to hackers.

The other firms whose accounts were targeted include eBay, Instagram, Netflix, Paypal, Roblox, Steam, Twitch and Twitter. It saw victims computers’ infected by opening emails, or downloading bootleg software, and enabled the malware to take screenshots of their browsing activity – including private login details. 

It remains unclear if any of that data was then used to scam or defraud its rightful owners. People who fear they may have been targeted can visit the website haveibeenpwned and insert their details to find out. 

The database also contains 2 billion session cookies, or online footprints that hackers use to view their targets behaviors and habits on their computer.

Lastly, it contains 6.6 million desktop files, including 1 million images and 650,000 Word and .pdf files.

Security experts said people could check the ‘have i been pwned?’, which is play on words of ‘owned’ to see whether their data might have been compromised. The site compiles data breach information.

On Wednesday, the same day Nordlocker released its study, it was revealed that beef supplier JBS paid an $11 million ransom in Bitcoin to hackers who compromised its systems, forcing them to shut down multiple meat processing plants.  

Meanwhile, U.S. officials said this week the Department of Justice would now investigate cyberattacks on the same level as terrorism. 

You can read more from our friends at The Daily Mail.

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