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HA! Senator John Kennedy ‘This is No Country For Creepy Old Men’ (VIDEO)

Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana is one of our favorites to watch on the Hill. He’s always a firecracker, and explosive. He also doesn’t care what people think. He’s not politically correct.

In this video below, he says everyone has a right to due process, but at the same time “This Country is no place for creepy old men.”

Kennedy would go on to say “Leaning in and smelly a guys hair or a woman’s hair is a little bit too close for my judgement.”

“Do I consider it inappropriate to smell someone’s hair, to get so close that I smell their hair, YES! I mean duh, you know somebody gets close enough to smell my hair, they may smell my hair but they may lose some teeth, you know it’s inappropriate.”

Yeah, I don’t think we need to write much more Senator, that sums it up perfectly for all of us with common sense.

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