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Gun Sales Continue Climb in Unison With Fear Over Disbanded Police

2020 is turning out to be a strange year, for sure.We’ve got a pandemic around the globe that has wreaked havoc on every aspect of human life, the economy has tanked big time, and now there is talk about de-funding (with some plans to disband the city police, like in Minneapolis).

People are rightfully fearful of the future.  What are they fearful of? They’re afraid that if there are no police to respond when help is needed, an uptick in crime will put them at risk of death or serious bodily injury with nobody to help.

There is already big crime in many of the bigger cities and the police there already cannot keep up with that crime. When and if this happens, things are going to change for that area. And, if this is the wave of the future for the United States as a whole, our country will look very different in the coming months and years.

This turns into more people than ever buying guns and ammo, which means there is a lot less stock on the shelves. Of course, this depends largely on your geographical location at the moment, but things are still pretty scarce in many areas.

Not only are there a lot of brand-new gun owners who now see the need to be sufficiently armed, people who already own guns have ramped up their buying as well.

However, even if the police are “disbanded” or “de-funded” in those cities, there are other jurisdictions that can step in if needed. County and state police departments will be around still, as a city government cannot disband an organization at a higher level, but will remain overwhelmed for sure.

And, who knows, it may be that there aren’t enough county police to really help as much as needed, which adds to the issue.Interestingly enough, some are calling it the year gun control died because of the sheer number of new gun owners hitting the stores and buying. I definitely don’t think that’s the case. The anti-gunners hate guns as much as ever, they’ve just currently got bigger fish to fry.

Our appreciation to Joshua Gillem and for their contribution in this article.

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Lock and load, folks.

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