Greg Gutfeld: “This Was the Worst Military Operation in History” and “By Saying How Successful This is, We’re Polishing a Turd” (VIDEO)

The Five took to the airwaves on Monday discussing the fact that the last American soldiers had left Afghanistan according to General McKenzie.

There is some great back and forth discussion with all of the members of the show, they’re also joined by Jennifer Griffin, veteran Pentagon reporter for Fox News breaking down the drone strikes, the troops leaving, the Taliban taking control, and everything that went into the debacle over the last two weeks, including the horrific loss of 13 American soldiers.

The best part of the segment is Geraldo Rivera looking like the complete clown that he is. Only Geraldo would cheer for the Taliban as an ally.

Geraldo: “General McKenzie spoke of the pragmatic relationship of the necessity over the long term ememy having to deal with the Taliban. The Taliban hates ISIS, that makes the Taliban in this formulation my friend. I want the Taliban to snitch on ISIS, I want the Taliban to go after ISIS. Is that the feeling in the building that the Taliban will be an unusual partner, I mean Germany joined us against Russia, Japan joined us against China, is there a feeling the Taliban will join us against ISIS?

Jennifer Griffen shut him down vigorously, and it was hilarious.

Griffen: “It was an absolute marriage of necessity these last two weeks to have to deal with the Taliban, to have to negotiate with the Taliban, to have to have the Taliban provide security at the perimeter of the airport. That is not a relationship that I envision continuing. I believe the way the US Military sees it is that the Taliban and ISIS will go at it now.”

After 20 plus minutes, Greg Gutfeld finally says what the majority of Americans were thinking.

Gutfeld: “I think this is like a key point here, it isn’t about the military, this is not a successful air lift. I’m sorry it wasn’t.

Geraldo: “120,000 out”

Gutfeld: “This is the worst military operation I’ve ever seen, and it had nothing to do with the military. It had to do with a government that let them down. We are the greatest military on earth, and we have to rely on the Taliban. Just putting that sentence together makes you sad.

Geraldo who can’t shut his trap, “We lost the war dude.”

Gutfeld: “Oh, I know we did, oh I know that and by the way, I’m very happy we’re getting out. But we cannot forget how awful this was, and how it let down a lot of people. There are a lot of veterans that are looking at this and they’re sick to their stomachs. I think by saying how successful this is, we’re polishing a turd.”

Watch the full segment below.

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
1 year ago

Trump put us on a glide path out of the nation building exercise started by Bush and supported by Obama. Biden f’d it up as his old boss predicted he would.