GRAPHIC VIDEO: BLM Protesters SAVAGELY Beat White Man & Woman in Portland

A disturbing scene coming from Portland, Oregon as Black Lives Matter protesters have yet again attacked innocent civilians savagely.

Sunday night in Portland these miscreants again caused havoc.

Here is what took place before the man crashed his car into a tree here in Downtown Portland.

BLM thugs began to harass and physically assault him and his female partner in the street for defending someone they robbed. He then began to drive away trying to evade them and their attacks.

After causing a white man to crash his truck in downtown Portland, BLM militants then beat the man and knock him unconscious 911 has been called.” Drew Hernandez reports.

WARNING: The Video is Graphic

Here is the video where they start assaulting him.

When are Democrats going to admit there is a MAJOR problem in Portland, Oregon?

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Mark Grothe
Mark Grothe
1 year ago

No one seems to care we are at war, guerrilla war to be sure, but still war.

1 year ago

They should declare Portland a wasted city, close it up and put all those animals away also. They have had a free for all long enough. Enough already!!