[GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING] Horse Attacks Person Like Rabid Wolverine in Most Insane Video We’ve Ever Seen

What you’re about to witness is the most bizarre and insane video that we’ve possibly ever put on The DC Patriot. No, this isn’t click bait, we’re being serious. We honestly still don’t know what in the hell we just witnessed.

In the video you’re about to see, a horse is attacking a person like a rabid wolverine or even a lion going after a gazelle. This is the damndest thing we’ve ever seen, it’s truly frightening and remarkable at the same time.

We knew horses can bite, after all I grew up on a farm. But I’ve never seen a horse control a person with a bite, and then pin them down and continue to bite them and viciously attack them like they are trying to eat them.

[****GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING****] Watch Below at your own risk:

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